Graff Design specializes in offering a variety of services
pertaining to interior design and fit out, we combine the
experience of all our team members, from drafters to
architects to design managers to provide the highest in
quality and complete interior design and fit out services,
covering all aspects from A to Z. Our clients can choose
the level service that is comfortable to them, whether they
require only the initial stages, the middle stages of installing
or a whole turnkey service, which will include picking and
installing furniture.

In addition to Interior Design and Fit out, Graff also
specializes and providing Custom Joinery, for all furniture
needs and wood works. Our custom joinery works is being
carried out from our exclusive facility in Al Qouz Dubai,
allowing us to cater to special and unique requests that
essentiality start from pen and paper or a simple 3D design
to be reflected into actual objects.


A comfortable and well-designed living or working space
creates a boost in morale and positivity that is unmatched.
Therefore, Graff’s experienced team of designers has been
put together to create just that! We are fully dedicated to
focus on delivering spectacular and elegant interior design
services for both residential and commercial projects.

A clever interior design ensures the best use of an interior
space, whether be it by utilizing the space to place any
objects in a suitable manner, convenient or to simply save
space. We have accumulated vast knowledge over the years
to provide a wide range of custom designs and builds,
tailored to our clients’ requirements and demands. Our team
will work with our clients to accommodate several styles and
International designs, from several corners of the world.

Graff design also provides turkey solutions, in which we will
handle all the interior related work, starting from creating
a draft to installing the last piece of furniture, ready for you
to move into.

Any interior space is not inhabitable or ready to be used
as a workplace if it doesn’t have the necessary fit out and
finishing. The moment a structure is completed, whether it is
to be sold or leased, a fit out work must be carried out before
it is furnished. Works can be done in existing building and
structures as well in order to give them longer life. For any fit
out project we take on, we always ensure the best and most
accurate services. We work towards key aspects as safety,
durability & sustainability.

Once a fit out project’s design and budget has been
finalized, we move on to the stage of installation of all
finishing material, Graff will be providing a suitable team to
conduct the job. Our working team will be accompanied by
the specialized team who will ensure all implementations are
done correctly and works with our client through and through
to maintain the quality service and making sure any requests
are taken care of. What’s more we come in to our own where
high attention to detail cost and programmed certainty are
precursors for your success.

Dedicated to crafting woodwork, furniture and other interior
items with durability that lasts, Graff has set up its own
workshop facility in Al Qouz , Dubai. Our workshop houses
a large team of professionals, consisting of experienced
designers/draughtsman, carpenters and laborers. Our
workshop team has accumulated vast experience, some
even prior to the establishment of Graff.

The existence of our workshop allow us to carry out plenty
of custom work, tailored to our clients’ needs, while we
implement unique design trends to deliver the highest in
quality of interior products. We always ensure that we keep
up-to-date with our materials usage; however even if that
changes over the years, our quality of craftsmanship stays
the same.


At Graff’s workshop,

we offer a variety of woodwork and other products such as:

Wall panels
Customized Furniture
Wood Decoration
Glass Works

Furthermore; our experienced and hard-working team,
in addition to state of the art and well-maintained equipment,
will ensure delivery with a reasonable timetable.

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